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We believe that because our polymer technologies now encompass, wall- & floor-coatings, sealers, waterproofing, pebbled cladding & paving, steel-frame-applications and soil-stabilization for roadbuilding, makes us one of the most solution based providers for the building industry today.

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We have strived hard to become a research and development based business. As the challenges of modern science and the ever-changing requirements in the building industry continue, we will endeavour to develop products to suit, that are both affordable and easy to apply.

The technology that is used to manufacture our range of coatings was originally developed for road-building. Polymer based, our products are all waterproof, flexible and impervious to ultra-violet rays ensuring excellent hardwearing and stain resistant qualities. Our products are all suitable for any surface, new or old, are water-soluble and eco-friendly.

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Road Building and Mining Sector

Steel Frame Systems

Low Cost & Affordable Housing

  • Contractor Paints
  • Low Cost Screeds
  • Low Cost Plaster (6-1-1)
  • Low Cost Paint
  • Contractor Coatings
  • Crack Filler Jointing Compound
  • Board Sealers
  • Ripple Coat Paints